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Greek groups turn to the Web
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The way some sororities are trying to spark interest in going Greek has changed through the years.

The days of summer parties, a lunch date or a phone call have given way to the almighty Internet.

At Brenau, Facebook may be like the largest online recruitment tool.

"I think it's a great recruitment tool," said Jennifer Teeter, who was a Rho Gamma, or recruitment guide, during recruitment this year at Brenau. "Not so much for recruitment but for Brenau as a whole. Since my sophomore year I've started adding freshmen as friends on Facebook over the summer. I talk to girls and offer them advice for their seemingly scary first year of college. Or sometimes they send me messages asking me specific questions."

Teeter added that she connects with other girls who have the same major or similar interests.

"After getting settled in, I've had girls tell me that it was nice to have a friendly upperclassman face that they already knew when they first set foot on campus," Teeter said.

Jade Chanda, a potential new member at Brenau, said over the summer before she arrived at Brenau she too was seeing recruitment chatter on Facebook.

"I have had Facebook adds from girls that were in sororities and they would just ask, ‘Are you thinking about going Greek?'," Chanda said. "Just to try to get people interested in recruitment; but I was already interested, so they didn't have to do much recruiting."

Blair Hillman, another potential new member, said she "met many girls through Facebook," which ultimately helped her make her final decision on Bid Day.

"As a Rho Gam this year, I did suggest going through recruitment during Facebook messages with girls," Teeter said. "It was just a casual point I brought up because a lot of girls have never given it any thought. I had never been exposed to Greek life before Brenau and bringing it up during the summer lets them realize that Brenau isn't the stereotypical sorority experience everyone sees on TV or in movies."

Teeter also runs the Brenau Galleries Facebook page to send event invitations and news updates.

"This year we also used Facebook as an information tool about recruitment events," she said. "The group allowed girls to get together and talk about their excitement or their worries about recruitment. It also allowed us to send event invitations to the girls that were members."