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East Hall students host thank-you dinner for custodians
East Hall High School students provided a thank-you meal to the custodial staff recently at the school.

The East Hall High School student council recently hosted an after-school dinner for the custodial staff.

The dinner was the brainchild of a leadership member, who observed one of the school’s custodians dutifully going about his daily routine of emptying trash cans, sweeping floors and running an electric floor cleaner. Upon entering the classroom where students were working, the man gave them a friendly smile and said he would be close by if needed.

Working into the evening, the group noted a different atmosphere reigned as the building received the much-needed attention after the day’s onslaught of dirty feet, wads of paper, pencil shavings and general abuse from 1,000 people.

While discussing Teacher Appreciation week at the student council meeting, it occurred to the members it was the perfect opportunity to show appreciation to the custodial staff. All members agreed.

The student council picked a date, planned a menu and divided up the responsibilities.

The custodial staff was appreciative, giving every member a genuine confirmation of thanks.

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