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This Hall park closed during the Great Recession. After 11 years, it’s set to reopen
11182022 TADMORE 2.jpg
New playground equipment is installed Friday, Nov. 18, 2022, at Tadmore Park as the park nears re-opening. - photo by Scott Rogers

Hall County’s Tadmore Park, a 39-acre area off Gillsville Highway, will reopen to the public in December after an 11-year closure.

The park was closed in 2011 due to Hall County’s budgetary constraints in the wake of the Great Recession. Director of Parks and Community Services Brent Holloway said he still recalls when the park was first closed, before he served in the position he’s in today. 

“There was sort of a wave of closures that came in the aftermath of the recession and the budget cuts that resulted from that,” Holloway said. “We are very excited to get that reopened…we think (the community) is going to be excited about it.”

In preparation for the ribbon cutting ceremony Dec. 1, when the park is expected to reopen, Hall County maintenance crews have been working to revitalize the public space, which offers a range of features for visitors including walking trails, a playground, ball fields and a pavilion complete with grills for weekend cookouts.

“It was in better condition than we actually expected to find,” Holloway said. “We were able to get (the parking lot) resurfaced, because if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right…when we cut that ribbon, we want it to be something people are excited about, so we wanted to make sure we were taking our time and putting in the necessary resources to deliver a great park – not just a public space.”

Murrayville Park off Bark Camp Road was reopened in 2021 after a 10-year closure, which also resulted from budget cuts amid the recession. 

Holloway, 43, described the prospect of seeing younger generations once again able to utilize Tadmore Park – as people his age once did – as another, more intangible feature of the place.

“This is long awaited,” he said. “Guys my age grew up playing ball on these fields, and I think that kind of thing means something…it’s a place, now, where guys my age who played on those fields can bring their kids.”.

“These community spaces where people can get together are a big deal as far as building community and providing a place where people can have that recreation area with no cost,” he said. “That’s what we’re all about.”

With the reopening less than two weeks away, Commissioner Shelly Echols expressed her excitement at seeing the park restored and available to the public.

“Parks are an integral part of building community, offering Hall County citizens a place to interact and to enjoy sports and the outdoors. We’re excited to invite Hall County citizens to utilize all that Tadmore Park has to offer,” Echols said.

11182022 TADMORE 5.jpg
Tadmore Park is nearing a re-opening Friday, Nov. 18, 2022, as renovations at the park are almost completed. - photo by Scott Rogers
11182022 TADMORE 4.jpg
Renovations at Tadmore Park are nearing completion Friday, Nov. 18, 2022, for the re-opening of the park. - photo by Scott Rogers