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Is Lake Lanier haunted? This is the boat tour to find out
The Lanier Boat Charter is offering tours of Lake Lanier with a paranormal investigator.

Lake Lanier has a long history of paranormal myths and tales of what might lie below the water’s surface.

The Lanier Boat Charter is giving the public an opportunity to learn more about them and to visit the islands of the lake.

Tom Stepnowski, captain of Lanier Boat Charter, said that the idea for the tours came unexpectedly, but he quickly began doing research into designing the tour.

“For the last few weeks, I’ve been contacting paranormal investigators, poring over hand-drawn maps from 1951, reviewing news clippings, spending a great deal of time re-reading David Coughlin’s book, “Lake Sidney Lanier,” a storybook site to develop a public offering that is genuine and authentic, and hopefully improving the reputation of Lake Lanier,” he said.

On the 45-minute trip to one of the islands, guests will be able to learn about the extensive history of Lake Lanier dating back to the 1800s before the reservoir was filled. The history of Oscarville, which once stood on the land where Lake Lanier is located, and the building of the dam will be explained. It will also touch upon some of the misconceptions about the lake’s history.

The Lanier Boat Charter is offering tours of Lake Lanier with a paranormal investigator.

Along the ride, Bart Glabman, founder of Bi-City Paranormal Research, will be giving a “paranormal investigation 101” about the processes and definition of investigating the paranormal. He will also be discussing paranormal theories, investigations, types of hauntings and his personal paranormal experiences while on the boat. 

Glabman has been a paranormal investigator for 15 years working alongside some famous names in the paranormal like Peter James, who appeared on 8 seasons of Fox and the Sci-Fi Channel’s “Sightings”.

“Really it’s just kind of a question of me speaking to individuals, if I haven’t already spoken to them aboard the boat, as far as what to expect and what to maybe try and do while you’re out there,” Glabman said. 

As the sun sets, the boat will beach on one of Lake Lanier’s 160 islands to begin exploring and investigating parts of the island. Guided by Glabman, passengers will explore the island and do an investigation to determine if energies from the past still lurk.

The tour will be held on the charter’s 40 passenger party boat where passengers can either  sit inside the heated main cabin or outside on the party deck. Drinks and snacks will be available during the ride along with box dinners from Pig Tales that must be preordered while booking your ticket. 

“I would like people to see the beauty this lake has to offer this time of year and learn to respect the water as opposed to fear the water,” Stepnowski said.

The event is only for those 14 years or older. Tickets are $77.50 per person for the full experience and can be found at The boat will also be completely decorated to match the fall aesthetic.

Guests are recommended to wear appropriate clothing for the weather and the time on the boat and the island. 

There are no COVID-19 requirements for the event but masks are recommended.

For more information visit or call 678-882-8062.

Paranormal Investigations on Lake Lanier

When: Oct. 15-31; leaving 6:30 p.m. Monday-Thursdays and 4 and 7 p.m. Friday-Sundays

Where: 6800 Lights Ferry Road, Flowery Branch

How much: $77.50 per person

More info:, 678-882-8062.

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