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A few fall decorating ideas that won't break the bank
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Hand-dyed ribbons made by Frou Frou Chic, a boutique ribbon maker in Birmingham, Alabama, show off fall colors on Thursday, Oct. 4, at Enemies of the Average, a florist and design studio, in midtown.

Now’s the time to bring a bit of fall indoors and get inspired for a new season of decor.

For Allison Lauricella, her decorating in early fall is aimed at Halloween, one of her favorite holidays. Now that she owns a home with her husband, she’s able to take full advantage of her indoor spaces and go all-out for the season — beginning with her front door.

“Your doorway is always a really important area when you’re decorating for any season,” said Lauricella, assistant gallery director at Brenau University. “I’m definitely going to do Halloween decor before I transfer over to more general fall decor.”

It’s all about the experience of enjoying something a huge number of Southerners have been waiting for all summer — the end of it. Fall has officially arrived, so take advantage with a few charming touches: natural pumpkins, mums, fall wreaths.

That doesn’t mean there won't be “spookier elements” and some good old traditional fun. She plans to turn her front door into a mummy with large googly eyes and wrappings — and, it goes without saying, she’ll have the spider webs ready to go by Halloween.

In the weeks leading up to the holiday, she said she starts to stock up on items that could potentially be reused. It’s all about being on budget, which she said she's found many ways to hit.

“I’m going to do a mixture of real pumpkins and decorative pumpkins that I can reuse from year to year,” Lauricella said.

Ginny Early, owner of Enemies of the Average, a floral and event design company in Gainesville, had the same idea when it comes to budgeting. That’s a trend she’s seeing more and more of this year — minimalist.

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Take advantage of fall and take a minimalist approach to decorating, said Ginny Early, owner of Enemies of the Average, a florist and design studio, in midtown. A little foliage and other soft touches can help bring the season indoors.

“Just try taking something away,” Early said. “Fill it up with what you want, and then pull pieces out until you get a shape out of it … Go for quality. Try to limit yourself to maybe three, four or five things instead of 10 things. That way you can invest a little more in those things because you’re not spending on so much.”

Early said to go for natural textures and colors. Even though some of those colors may not be the first choice, she said taking a walk outside can bring inspiration, and actual design elements, into the home.

That’s often what she does. She finds plants from her yard to decorate her home. She said she doesn’t care “if there’s little holes where bugs have eaten them or something.” Their shape and uniqueness makes it like nothing someone could buy at a store.

“Everybody kind of goes pumpkins and bright leaves, but I like looking outside in the fall and seeing all the textures and colors,” Early said. “They are so different from some of that fake stuff you see. I love the dry, crunchy bits. You get some really cool texture and shapes, and that brown is still really beautiful and seasonally appropriate.”

Plus — and here’s the neat part — it’s free.

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As leaves are turning outside, bring some rustic charm inside with a woodsy centerpiece and cream colors, as displayed at Enemies of the Average, a florist and design studio, in midtown.

As Halloween passes, Lauricella’s doorway turns into a fall oasis with pumpkins, a fall wreath on the door and fall-themed cushions on her front-porch bench.

“I think making simple changes to what you have is the easiest way to decorate for the season without breaking the bank,” Lauricella said. “And the dollar store actually has a lot of great stuff for Halloween that you can kind of alter or turn into something else or use to fill in.”

As the leaves begin to change in the coming weeks, fall will be in full effect and inspiration will be everywhere.

For Lauricella, there’s just one more essential apart from decorations.

“Of course, it’s not fall until you’ve got some fall-scented candles,” Lauricella said, laughing. “You’ve got to have those candles.”

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Fall’s not just a time for loud, cheesy oranges and blacks around the house. Cool, muted tones, like these hand-dyed ribbons made by Frou Frou Chic, can help bring some style to Hall County homes this season.