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Good News at Noon opening new church ministry
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Good News at Noon is starting a new church ministry in March.

Starting March 1, Good News Church will be in full swing at 979 Davis St.

The services will be held at Good News at Noon’s dining hall and will be led by Pastor Fletcher Law. 

Law has been a Good News staff member for seven years, but has volunteered with the homeless shelter and food ministry since 1995. 

“It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve been making firm plans for about eight months. I even had a dream about this and several other people kind of confirmed this at Good News as something we need to do for our people in our neighborhood,” Law said. 

Good News has raised about $1,000 to start the church through the help of The Angler’s Sunday School class of First Baptist Church and a few other collections. 

The church will be volunteer-centered.

“The homeless people will be the fabric of this,” Law said. “We’re not lecturing at them. We’re going to preach the word, but they need to discover these lessons and develop on their own. Discipleship is going to be the key component.”

Worship will start at 10 a.m. and will be led by Andy and Luanne Collins. Right now, music will be done with piano and singers, but Law is open to adding a guitarist and other musical talents later.

Following worship, Law will lead a sermon and preach from a certain passage.

Offering and communion will take place after.

At 11 a.m., the people will break into small groups of three to five people, called discover groups. 

Each of these groups will have a trained volunteer leader that will talk with the group members. 

The groups will talk about the same Bible passage that Law preached on during the sermon.

“They’ll have it read to them two times, then the small group will give a play by play. Just like reviewing a sports instant replay,” Law said. 

Following the reading, the members will be asked, ‘What did God do in this? What is the action?’

After talking that through, the leaders will ask what should be done. They will ask, ‘If you believe this is the word of God, what actions do you need to take?’

“The teacher is the holy spirit in these small groups and the curriculum will be a Bible passage. It’s going to be talked, not taught,” Law said.

The people that Law wants to reach are the men in the shelter, the people in the Melrose Housing Projects and the homeless.

Currently, Law is training about ten Discover Group leaders, but is looking for more volunteers. If you are interested in becoming involved, you can reach him at 770-561-2609 or

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