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Births published Oct. 26
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Bautista, a girl, Laura, Oct. 16, Laura Bautista and José Bautista Manzo, Gainesville.

Casarez, a girl, Maliyah Ann, Oct. 17, Valerie Villagomez and Gabriel Casarez, Cornelia.

Clendenning, a boy, Sterling Leigh, Oct. 13, Donna and Lee Clendenning Jr., Gainesville.

Coleman, a boy, Dontavius Antwon, Oct. 14, Jasmine Coleman, Gainesville.

Collett, a boy, Bryson Edward, Oct. 15, Virginia and Buddy Collett, Gainesville.

Cox, a boy, Bobby Dale, Oct. 16, Amanda Shivley and James Cox, Dawsonville.

Craig, a boy, Eric Chase, Oct. 19, Courtney Craig and Eddie Shedd, Flowery Branch.

Gaines, a girl, Ashiya Nevaeh, Oct. 19, Briana Gaines, Gainesville.

Garlich, a girl, Delaney Hollan, Oct. 20, Cricket and Paul Garlich, Gainesville.

Grana, a boy, Justice Zaden, Oct. 18, Judy Grana and Dan Ayala, Gainesville.

Hayes, a boy, Brenton Scott, Oct. 20, Tonya Lynn Cochran and Douglas Troy Hayes, Cleveland.

Herring, a boy, Denver Robert, Oct. 13, Monica and Chad Herring, Flowery Branch.

Hobgood, a girl, Gwyneth Mae, Oct. 16, Kathryn and Kevin Hobgood, Gainesville.

Jackson, a boy, Darren Jase, Oct. 15, Jeanette and Kenneth Jackson, Buford.

Justus, a boy, Mikael Xander, Oct. 16, Julie and Tim Justus, Cleveland.

Justus, a boy, Christopher Blake, Oct. 16, Julie and Tim Justus, Cleveland.

Luviano-Gonzalez, a girl, Brenda, Oct. 20, Nereida Gonzalez and Martin Luviano, Gainesville.

Marin-Cruz, a girl, Maria Carmen, Oct. 7, Judith Cruz-Ortiz and Lazaro Marin-Reyes, Clayton.

Mead, a boy, Douglas Jon III, Oct. 5, Ann-Marie and Doug Mead, Baldwin.

Moore, a boy, Eric Daniel William, Oct. 15, Wilhelmina and Jamie Moore, Toccoa.

Moses, a girl, Ava Elizabeth, Oct. 19, Lacey and Terry Moses, Gainesville.

Osborn, a boy, Jacob Dwayne, Oct. 15, Michelle and Dwayne Osborn, Homer.

Payne, a girl, Fiona Kennedy, Oct. 13, Julie and Christopher Payne, Gainesville.

Quiles Rainey, a boy, Titus Antonio, Oct. 8, Samantha Rainey and Jesús Quiles, Clarkesville.

Ramey, a boy, Tyler Benjamin John, Oct. 6, Nancy and John Ramey, Cleveland.

Rangel, a girl, Melanie Nichole, Oct. 17, Priscilla and Hugo Rangel, Gainesville.

Rettiger, a girl, Katherine Reese, Oct. 16, Tristan and Will Rettiger, Gainesville.

Ricci, a boy, Gavin Elisha, Oct. 15, Lori and Joey Ricci, Gainesville.

Riddle, a boy, Colten Michael, Oct. 15, Angie Ledford-Riddle and Steven M. Riddle, Dahlonega.

Roberts, a boy, Benjamin Mason, Oct. 16, Maria and Timothy Roberts, Gainesville.

Scroggs, a boy, Lucas Ronald, Oct. 13, Alisha and Larry Scroggs, Gainesville.

Sutphin, a boy, Jamie Carlton, Oct. 13, Darline Rodriguez and Thomas Sutphin, Cleveland.

Taylor, a girl, Brooke Ava, Oct. 14, Holly Hightower and Brian Taylor, Buford.

Thomas, a boy, Harley Allen-Robert, Oct. 16, Dottie and Stacy Thomas, Gainesville.

Tinoco, a girl, Jocelyn, Oct. 8, Nelly and Jesus Tinoco, Cornelia.

Tinsley, a boy, Jensen Patrick, Oct. 1, Mary Lynn and Jason Tinsley, Clarkesville.

Walker, a boy, Daniel Carl, Oct. 9, Christy Rutland and Christopher Walker, Gainesville.

Way, a girl, Keragan Kimsey, Oct. 16, Melanie and Freddie Way, Cornelia.