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Births published Jan. 11
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Arroyo-Gutierrez, a girl, Veronica Elyz, Dec. 29, Fatima Gutierrez and Jesus Arroyo, Gainesville.

Bonnette, a girl, Mercy Gloria, Jan. 5, Gabrielle and Ryan Bonnette, Gainesville.

Bowen, a girl, Catherine McCall, Dec. 29, Megan and Jacob Bowen, Gainesville.

Chastain, a boy, David Blake, Jan. 3, Casey and David Chastain, Gainesville.

Colquitt, a girl, Courtney Reese, Dec. 30, Tracy and Carey Colquitt, Athens.

Coley, a girl, Rylee Savannah, Dec. 31, Leigh-Ann Reagan and Justin Coley, Gainesville.

Drinks, a boy, Steven Kauli, Jan. 5, Sierra Jackson and Deshon Drinks, Gainesville.

Eash, a girl, Megan Justine, Dec. 18, Joanne and Adam Eash, Clarkesville.

Frazier, a boy, Mason James, Jan. 5, Jennifer and Jim Frazier, Lula.

Gongora, a boy, Joseph Christopher, Dec. 29, Angela and Mauro Gongoro, Gainesville.

Holloway, a boy, Logan Xaiver, Dec. 29, Brittany Dale and Dustin Holloway, Gainesville.

Kelly, a girl, Zionah dai'neé Nevaeh, Dec. 31, Alexzenia Kelly, Cleveland.

Ladewig, a boy, Jacob Kevin, Jan. 1, Michelle and Kevin Ladewig, Dahlonega.

Lee, a girl, Katie Caroline, Dec. 29, Jennifer and Alton Lee, Jefferson.

Lonberger, a boy, Landon James, Jan. 3, Erin and Geoffrey Lonberger, Lula.

Marsh, a boy, Matthew Zane Sebastian, Jan. 2, Lisa and Joseph Marsh, Gainesville.

Mintz, a girl, Karly Sophia, Dec. 31, Patricia Amezcua and Narquise Mintz, Gainesville.

Negley, a girl, Kinslee Blair, Jan. 5, Michael and Jeremey Negley, Gainesville.

Phan, a girl, Anna Thi, Dec. 30, Bong Ngo and Be Phan, Gainesville.

Ramirez, a boy, Israel Jesus, Jan. 1, Carmen Adams and Carlos Ramirez, Gainesville.

Romeo, a girl, Janedy Belle, Jan. 3, Brenda and Patrick Romeo, Dahlonega.

Torres, a boy, Maikel Onyx Enrique, Dec. 30, Amber Torres.

Vazquez, a girl, Vivika Mireya, Dec. 29, Gina Rios and Lucio Vazquez, Lula.

White, a boy, Lucas Aiden, Jan. 2, Deborah and Joseph White, Oakwood.

Wilson, a girl, Addison Dian, Dec. 31, Theresa and Tony Wilson, Winder.

Worley, a boy, Trey William, Jan. 3, Jennifer and Brian Worley, Gainesville.