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Births published Dec. 27
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Avila, a boy, Christopher Dwayne, Dec. 16, Claudia Tapia and Luis Avila, Gainesville.

Barron, a boy, Samuel Henry, Dec. 14, Trina and Kelly Barron, Demorest.

Bell, a girl, Amelia Paige, Dec. 19, Megan and Joe Bell, Cleveland.

Brooks, a girl, Madison Taylor, Dec. 15, Fallon and Greg Brooks, Cleveland.

Cook, a boy, Chase Austin, Dec. 18, Kim and Eric Cook, Cornelia.

Crocker, a boy, Paxton Shane, Dec. 15, Samantha and Brandon Crocker, Lula.

Donavant, a girl, Emily Rose, Dec. 20, Jesica Donavant, Gainesville.

Edmonds, a boy, Tyler James, Dec. 15, Camila and Mark Edmonds, Gainesville.

Fain, a boy, Dallas Kincade, Dec. 20, Christy and Dustin Fain, Cleveland.

Harvey, a girl, Miranda Paige, Dec. 17, Connie and Michael Harvey, Demorest.

Gilstrap, a girl, Hailey Faith, Dec. 16, Alissa McKenzie and Phillip Gilstrap, Gainesville.

Haynes, a girl, Mikayla Danielle, Dec. 16, S. Michelle and D. Glen Haynes, Gainesville.

Kalinauskas, a boy, Evan James, Dec. 18, Brooke and Andy Kalinauskas, Flowery Branch.

Kemp, a boy, Jack Hudson, Dec. 17, Tess and Jeremy Kemp, Gainesville.

Keller, a boy, Wesley James, Dec. 15, Torri and Allan Keller, Gainesville.

Kerns, a girl, Mikayla Jayne, Dec. 17, Brantley and Chris Kerns, Gainesville.

Mills, a girl, Parker Reid, Dec. 19, Autumn and Brian Mills, Demorest.

Myers, a girl, Abigail Alexis, Dec. 13, Lisa and Bobby Myers, Flowery Branch.

Pilgrim, a girl, Bella Elizabeth, Dec. 18, Kristie and Tim Pilgrim, Cleveland.

Price, a boy, Bennett Michael, Dec. 17, Amber and Michael Price, Flowery Branch.

Pruitt, a girl, Hannah Grace, Nov. 11, Emily and Matthew Pruitt, Cleveland.

Pulaski, a girl, Ava Maria, Dec. 20, Nancy "Nikki" Craig and Michael Pulaski, Jefferson.

Quaife, a girl, Abigail Londyn, Dec. 19, Lauren and Stephen Quaife, Gainesville.

Reid, a boy, Lawson Chandler, Dec. 13, Callie and Landon Reid, Flowery Branch.

Sanders, a boy, Ryan Evan, Dec. 18, Brandy Grindle and Chad Sanders, Gainesville.

Smith, a girl, Avery Adalyn, Dec. 13, Angela and DJ Smith, Braselton.

Stowers, a girl, Isabelle Ivy, Dec. 14, Rebecca and Tim Stowers, Dawsonville.

Tumlin, a boy, Hunter Lee, Dec. 21, Jessica and William Tumlin, Gainesville.

Sullins, a girl, Anniston Jewell, Dec. 20, Haley and Brandon Sullins, Gainesville.

Ward, a girl, Desiree Ann, Dec. 16, Jessica Parks and Richard Ward, Talmo.

Weaver, a boy, Spencer Michael, Dec. 16, Jillian Guptill and Michael Weaver, Gainesville.

Wight, a boy, Wolfgang Von, Dec. 17, Skye and D.J. Wight, Dahlonega.

Williams, a girl, Ada Button, Dec. 13, Meredith and BJ Williams, Flowery Branch.

Woodruff, a boy, Devin O'Neil, Dec. 17, Elizabeth Skaggs and Kenneth Woodruff, Lula.