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Birth announcements published the week of June 13
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Aguilar, a girl, Kayley Anahy, May 26, Yangth and Weimar Aguilar, Cornelia.

Brock, a boy, Caleb Lane, June 5, Rebecca C. and Joseph B. Brock, Homer.

Brooks, a girl, Ella Nicole, June 4, Tara and Gregory Brooks, Gainesville.

Burnett, a boy, Conner Joe, June 4, Andrea and Bobby Burnett, Dahlonega.

Burrell, a boy, Chandler Dean, June 7, Mary and Glenn Burrell, Mount Airy.

Cathey, a boy, Branson Lane, June 2, Skye Standing Cloud and William Cathey, Baldwin.

Chambers, a boy, Colt Joseph, June 2, Courtney and Ryan Chambers, Gainesville.

Charles, a girl, Allie Rae, June 2, Shannon and Bradley Charles, Gainesville.

Dawson, a girl, Makayla Malinda, June 2, Amanda and Darren Dawson, Demorest.

Deal, a boy, Mason Parker, May 19, Casey and Michael Deal, Alto.

Dixon, a girl, Maci Anna, May 26, Savannah and Marly Dixon, Clayton.

Gable, a boy, Jayden Ray, June. 4, Cheryl and Devin Gable, Murrayville.

Guzman, a boy, Jeremiah Nicholas, May 27, Windy Ivester and Alfonzo Guzman, Cleveland.

Hamrick, a girl, Caden Marie, June 4, Jaime Hamrick, Cleveland.

Henson, a boy, Steven Lane, May 19, Tara and Lance Henson, Rabun Gap.

Hess, a girl, Kelly McKenzie, June 2, Jamie and Keith Hess, Gainesville.

Hester, a boy, Nathan Emory, June 3, Sheena and Jason Hester, Cleveland.

Mora, a girl, Isabel, May 24, Margarita and Juan Mora, Mount Airy.

Nash, a boy, Christian Lee, May 25, Leann Smith and Nick Nash, Lula.

Nesfeder, a boy, Finn Ashton, June 2, Heather and David Nesfeder, Gainesville.

Olandez, a girl, Renata, May 17, Josefina Brito and Rubin Guadalupe Olandez, Alto.

Parker, a girl, Madison Sky, June 6, Natasha and Derrick Parker, Cleveland.

Pascual, a boy, Kevin, June 4, Rafaela Mondriagón and Octavio Pascual, Gainesville.

Rimko, a girl, Sariyah Rose, June 6, Natasha Pongrac and Chad Rimko, Duluth.

Smith, a boy, Frankie Chase Jr., June 3, Kira Osborne and Frankie Smith, Gainesville.

Sorrow, a boy, Desmond Lewis, June 7, Barbara and Dennis Sorrow, Alto.

Stevenson, a girl, Mressa Lynn, June 2, Meagan Howard and Jerrel Stevenson, Dahlonega.

Suggs, a girl, Riley Lynn, June 2, Jessica Spencer and Randy Suggs, Gainesville.

Trammel, a boy, Zane Cole, June 3, Adrienne Shirley and D.C. Trammel, Dahlonega.

Trussell, a boy, Nathanial Perrin, June 6, Donell and David Trussell, Gainesville.

Wallace, a boy, Evan Alan, June 1, Katie and Nathan Wallace, Gainesville.

Zuniga, a boy, Abrahan Junai, June. 7, Veronica Zuniga, Gainesville.