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Kelsey drinks beer: Not As Advertised Milkshake IPA
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Cherry St. Brewing's Not As Advertised Milkshake IPA - photo by Austin Steele

Take a look at the flavor profile list on the back of a can of Cherry Street Brewing’s Not As Advertised Milkshake IPA, and you’ll notice that the word “s'mores” crossed out in bright red print.

This particular beer is a remake of Pitchin’ Tents, which Cherry Street made in collaboration with Atlanta Brewing Co. in June 2018.

Chris Williams, head brewer at Cherry Street in Cumming, said Pitchin’ Tents was originally supposed to be a s’mores-inspired milkshake IPA.

“It got a positive response,” he said. “The only problem was that it didn’t have a lot of s’mores qualities.”

A couple of months ago Cherry Street decided to have another go at Pitchin’ Tents.

With Atlanta Brewing’s blessing, the brewery made a more fruit-forward rendition of the beer, which resulted in the birth of Not As Advertised Milkshake IPA.

Not As Advertised Milkshake IPA

Alcohol by volume: 7.7 percent

International Bitterness Units: 16

Style: Milkshake IPA

Brewery: Cherry Street Brewing

Bottom line: An easy-drinking sweet IPA with a soft-hop profile

Williams said the crossed-out s’mores on the can was added as an inside joke to those who tried its predecessor.

Cherry Street removed the chocolate from the original beer’s recipe and added extra graham crackers. The ingredients they kept included strawberry and pineapple puree, marshmallow cream and vanilla.

Ground graham crackers — 30 pounds to be exact — were dropped in with the grain during the end of the mash process. Williams said he mixed the marshmallow cream with wort and dropped it into the boil kettle.  

Williams likes to describe the hop profile of the beer as “soft and pillowy.”

Similar to most New England-style IPAs, this brew eases in its hops with a smooth, non-bitter finish.

When I first saw the can, I admit I was skeptical about all of the promises it printed.

How could an IPA pull off fruit milkshake characteristics in addition to marshmallow cream and graham cracker notes? The combination seemed nonsensical.

When I opened the can, I got a whiff of hops. OK, IPA qualities — check.

With the first sip, I felt the tingly acidic sensation you’d normally encounter when eating pineapples. Pineapple flavor — check.

The beer then smoothed into a sweet finish similar to, you guessed it, marshmallow cream. The aftertaste left a pleasant hint of graham crackers.

Somehow all of these elements flowed together into a delicious IPA that I had no trouble finishing.

All in all, I’m thoroughly impressed how Cherry Street pulled off this fun combination of flavors. I can’t wait to share a pint, or two, with my beer-loving friends.

Not As Advertised Milkshake IPA was canned two weeks ago, and may become a seasonal brew.

People can find the beer on tap at Cherry Street and canned at various bottle shops, including Downtown Drafts in Gainesville.