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Simple guys sing a simple message
Rush of Fools will perform Saturday at Truett-McConell College in Cleveland along with artists Jimmy Needham, Sarah Reeves and Joy Lippard as part of the Wonder of the World Tour.


Huguley talks about the band's first big hit, "Undo" and the impact it made.


Kevin Huguley, guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist for Rush of Fools, talks about the band’s song "Never Fall Away."

Wonder of the World Tour

Who: Rush of Fools, Jimmy Needham, Sarah Reeves and Joy Lippard
When: 7 p.m. Saturday
Where: Truett-McConnell College, 100 Alumni Drive, Cleveland
How much: $12
More info: Baptist Collegiate Ministries, 706-865-2134, ext. 131

For the second year, Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland is bringing in some big names for a concert open to students and the public.

Rush of Fools, known for its Christian radio hit "Undo," will be performing Saturday along with Jimmy Needham, Sarah Reeves and Joy Lippard.

"The expectations of what we do is we just have a great celebration," said Kevin Huguley, guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist for Rush of Fools. "So yeah, it’s high energy and we have a good time."

The band, based in Birmingham, Ala., released its sophomore album, "Wonder of the World" in September, which continues the band’s faith-based message and catchy sound. The band members have been working as full-time musicians for about two years, and this is their first headlining tour.

With their hit "Undo," Huguley said the band members were simply trying to get to the heart of who they are — just real, honest, simple guys.

"We didn’t try to say anything fancy or incredible about ourselves," he said. "We really just talked about how we are not that good of people, how there are a lot of religious people like ourselves that are just like prodigals and hypocrites. And that’s who we are, and we need a man that’s bigger than us, a God that is bigger than us, to fix that. And that was in Jesus."

He said the band continues to write songs based on faith that are honest and real, and that he’s glad that a three-minute tune can have such an effect on people.

A theme of their current tour takes that focus on a need for God to a new level.

According to Anna Davis, Baptist College Ministries intern at Truett-McConnell, part of the tour’s message is about the problem of sexual addiction.

"We thought that that would probably be a good thing for college students to hear, to hear that message," Davis said.

But the concert will also make for a good time, Huguley added.

"We want people to enjoy the night," Huguley said. "Not only musically, but be encouraged, be challenged in their faith and be encouraged in the word."

Tickets are $12, and proceeds go toward funding Baptist College Ministry mission trips.