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Rover reveals Pearces acting peak
Guy Pearce, left, and Robert Pattinson star in the anarchic film “The Rover.” Pearce portrays Eric, who travels through rural Australia in his car. Pattinson plays Rey, who is left behind by his crew when they steal Eric’s car. Rey and Eric form an uneasy alliance to track down the other three men.
The most important thing to know about “The Rover” is it’s an earnest, fearless attempt to explore the human soul and motion pictures as an art form. Director and co-writer David Michod’s image of the world is unrelentingly bleak, but the manner in which he presents the image is as stylistically daring as any movie to hit wide release in months if not years. Whether these grand ambitions result in a quality movie, let alone art, will ultimately be in the eye of the beholder.