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Meet your mighty ducks
Annual fundraiser brings racing rubber duckies to town
Chase Jones, 11, and her duck Pepe

It’s duck-racing season.

Not to be confused with duck-hunting season, duck races are when thousands of rubber ducks get together and race for a good cause.

It’s become an annual tradition in Hall County as a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs, and this year the ducks will gather Saturday at Clarks Bridge Park.

The event also features a family health fair, a blood drive, visits by K-9 dogs and activities for kids, too. But the centerpiece of the day will be the race, when the ducks all jump in the water and race around a pre-set course to the finish line.

Each duck comes with a number, but they also have some racing history attached to them, too.

Just for fun, we asked some kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hall County to introduce us to a few ducks and show us the duck’s personal style. With special thanks to the staff at the Boys & Girls Clubs, meet a few of our speedy ducklings:

Chase Jones, 11
Her duck:
Why he’s going to win on Saturday: He likes to sing, he likes to dance, he especially likes to swim
How he’s decorated: I used paint to make a hat and a bow. Polka-dots are just designs I put on him.

Diego Porras, 11
His duck:
Why he’s going to win on Saturday: He can run, he likes to party. He likes soccer.
How he’s decorated: Spirals on his sunglasses and a pink mohawk.

Kirkland Cheatham, 9
His duck:
Why he’s going to win on Saturday: He can swim fast.
How he’s decorated: Colorful stripes on his tail.

Christopher Porras, 9
His duck:
Why he’s going to win on Saturday: He’s bright. He’s smart, too. He likes playing football.
How he’s decorated: Lots of neon orange.

Hannah Hernandez, 8
Her duck:
Why he’s going to win on Saturday: He likes to play soccer; he’s a good kicker.
How he’s decorated: With the number 68 and a purple painted man on his chest.