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Have a song request? Tom and Juli are happy to sing it
Tom and Juli Theobald perform at The Crimson Moon during their regular Thursday evening gig, where they take requests from the audience during dinner.
The Tom & Juli Show
6:30-9:30 p.m. Thursdays
Where: The Crimson Moon Cafe, 24 N. Park St., Dahlonega
How much: Free; show continues throughout dinner
More info: 706-864-3982

Pull up a seat at The Crimson Moon Café on any Thursday night and you will hear the voices of Tom and Juli Theobald.

The couple have been performing together for more than a decade — the past four years at the Crimson Moon in Dahlonega — and they know a good many songs, so you can make a request.

“It’s nice playing a place like the Crimson Moon, you know, where (the audience is) going there literally to listen,” said Tom. “It’s kind of getting a pretty good name for itself.”

The Theobalds’ first meeting was a musical one; Tom was performing on stage and Juli’s mom dared her to join him. They’ve been making music together ever since.

The Crimson Moon’s open mic night began the Theobalds’ regular gig there.

Crimson Moon owner Dana LaChance liked what she heard, and asked that they come back each Thursday to entertain the café’s dinner patrons — although it’s more of a “show with dinner” than “dinner with a show,” since the venue is considered an intimate listening room. As a result, the music takes center stage.

“I think the fact that Dana plays gives her a little more insight (into how artists think),” Juli said.

The couple played at Roswell’s Swallow at the Hollow for almost 10 years, but Tom said they prefer the Crimson Moon’s atmosphere.

“You get to know everybody after a while,” he said. “That’s kind of a nice thing.”

Tom said his voice is “kind of like John Denver without his range,” while Juli’s is a cross between Natalie Merchant and Carly Simon — but their repertoire is across the board.

“We kind of pride ourselves on knowing about 700 songs now,” he said. “It makes it really good when people have requests.”
Juli said if a song is beautiful, that’s what they’ll play — from Jimmy Buffett to Broadway.

“We do everything basically; any song we like,” Juli said. “We even have a few Broadway musical tunes. Stuff that you hear that is beautiful, but most of it, I would say, (is) ’70s rock, like America, James Taylor, Carol King.”

Tom said he and Juli prefer singer/songwriter fare from the 1970s, but the songs the couple plays also depend on the crowd.

“It depends on the mood. Sometimes we get into Pink Floyd,” Tom said.

“We kind of let the crowd steer which way it’s going to go, because you’ll have some nights where you can just tell you’ve got a crowd that really wants to hear really nice, soft, more intimate music. And then you’ll have some nights where (they want) to hear Jimmy Buffett.”

 Juli added that the two even play “a lot of country. We love country music.”

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