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Re-cess Southern Gastro-Pub to host benefit for Mike Terrell
Well-known member of Gainesville's music and arts community is fighting throat cancer
Mike Terrell - photo by For Get Out

Benefit honoring Mike Terrell
When: 6-9 p.m. today
Where: Re-cess Southern Gastro-Pub, 118 Bradford St., Gainesville
Cost: $20 donation
More info:

After years of helping fundraise for others, Mike Terrell needs a little help of his own.

Terrell, a well-known member of Gainesville’s music and arts community, is currently in treatment for throat cancer.

His friend, Ted Tuck, is holding a fundraising benefit for Terrell from 6-9 p.m. today at Re-cess Southern Gastro-Pub at 118 Bradford St. in downtown Gainesville.

“He’s getting treatment — chemo and radiation — for his throat cancer,” Tuck said, noting his friend was diagnosed a month ago. “The doctors are very confident they’re going to be able to get rid of it. So that’s good news. But the chemo and radiation and the amount they’re doing make him very, very sick. And obviously, he can’t work.”

Terrell is a singer and drummer for Riverstreet Band and the King Daddy Polecats. He’s also a member of the John Jarrard Society.

He and Tuck have known each other “basically forever.” Tuck gave Terrell’s stepson guitar lessons when he was young.

“Being musicians in town, we’ve worked together for a long time,” Tuck said. “I gave his stepson lessons when he was like 12 years old. So I met Mike through that. Eventually, Mike and I ended up playing several projects together over the years and becoming very, very good friends — best friends.”

Tuck said Terrell’s bands have helped raise money for countless benefits like the one he now needs.

“The main reason for this benefit is to get him some money to get through the end of the year,” Tuck said. “So he can start his recovery process, get back to work, back to music and back to helping the community like he did before.”

Anyone is welcome to attend the benefit. A minimum $20 donation is requested.

The event will include a buffet courtesy of Re-cess and owner Chris Richardson. Live music will be performed throughout the night by Tuck and Terrell’s friends.

“A lot of the incredibly talented North Georgia musicians that I’ve known for many years or that have known Mike and have played with Mike are coming out to perform music and impromptu jams and such for the audience. There’s a lot of great talent. Too many to name.”

For those who cannot attend the benefit but wish to donate, visit

“Any help is welcomed and will be greatly appreciated,” Tuck said.

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