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Feeling woozy after a long night? Have some water
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The best way to cure a hangover?

Don't get drunk the night before.

But if you find yourself having a drink - or two or three or four - too many on a special occasion such as New Year's Eve, there aren't many tricks you can use to get over the pounding headache and upset stomach the next morning.

"There's not really a true remedy in a medical standpoint - that's just your body saying you've overdone it," said Dr. Alfredo Jaume, a general practitioner with MedLink Gainesville.

Local resident Jason Rafinski said he thought he had the perfect hangover cure- Sudafed 24.

"It was great, until they took it off the market," he said. "You don't feel a thing."

His friend Jeff Lightsey said his cure for a hangover is simple - even more alcohol.

"I just keep drinking," he said, laughing.

But, according to Jaume, that's the last thing you want to do. Hydration is key when combating a hangover, and he suggested alternating an alcoholic drink with something nonalcoholic.

"First and foremost, don't drink and drive. Make sure you have a designated driver," he said. "Make sure you eat and stay hydrated, and the next morning ... have a good breakfast, lots of fluid and eat in moderation."

And, for the benefit of your stomach, skip the spicy foods.

"That's why we get off for New Year's Day," he said.