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Catch the latest album from Last November
Last November band members, from left, are Luke Pilgrim, Chris Jones, Tyler Ayers and Taylor Woodruff. The Cleveland-based band released their second album on Tuesday.

Cleveland-based rockers Last November released their second album, "Over the Top or Under the Weather," on Tuesday.

The CD, which was recorded at Southern Track Records in Atlanta, is a follow up to their first release "All the Gory Details" in 2006.

"We are super excited that we have a new album coming out, first of all," said Luke Pilgrim, lead vocalist for Last November. "Secondly, we got to work with such a great producer — a guy that produced some of our favorite bands, like Brand New is a band we used to sit around and sing their songs on acoustic guitars in high school.

"And I feel like the new album is a lot more mature. We picked it up a few notches with song writing and musicianship."

The first single and video from the album is "The Bumper Sticker Song," which can be heard on the band’s MySpace page and on YouTube.

Other band members include Cleveland natives Tyler Ayers on bass, Chris Jones on guitar and Taylor Woodruff on keyboards and drums.

The album was produced by Steven Haigler, who has also produced albums by Fuel, Oleander and the Pixies.

Songs featured on MySpace from the new album are "Jesus Had Breakfast in Bed," "Butter Me Up" and "Sunday Afternoon."

Folks can catch Last November on Monday for the 100.5-FM St. Patrick’s Day event "Kegs and Eggs" at Taco Mac, 1211 Ashford Crossing in Atlanta.

The event runs from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. with Last November performing at 8 p.m., Pilgrim said.