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Blues songstress takes stage in Dahlonega
Five questions with EG Kight
EG Kight performs Saturday at The Crimson Moon in Dahlonega.

EG Kight

When: 8 p.m. Saturday
Where: The Crimson Moon, 24 N. Park St., Dahlonega
How much: $12 advance, $14 day of show
More info: 706-864-3982

EG Kight grew up in a music-loving family in the small town of Dublin. She cut her teeth in a club playing whatever type of music the crowd that night wanted - from raucous country to jazz standards - and as a result her musical style draws from a deep well.

Kight will be performing Saturday night at The Crimson Moon in Dahlonega. We were able to catch Kight while she's on this quick tour and ask her a few questions.

Question: How would you describe your musical style?

Answer: It is a combination of a lot of styles. I sing country, jazz, southern rock, old pop standards and Dixieland jazz, and then I got into the blues. Most of my music is songs I write myself, and I think all of these styles influenced what I'm singing right now; but it's really blues-based.

I used to sing at Jekyll Island, where I'd have a group in one night that wanted rowdy country one night, the next night they might want what's on the Top 40, the next night I might have a tour bus with older people and they might want jazz standards. I didn't get into the blues until the early '90s, but the blues has really taken me the farthest with my writing and my music. But all of those styles did influence what I'm doing now.

Q: You wrote your first song in your teens, inspired by a breakup. What is it about music that has that healing power?

A: Music does have a great power of healing. I know that most anybody can hear a song and it takes them back to a certain time, or it makes them forget for a while, if they have a problem and they're really worried about it. Sometimes music can really pick you up. ... I think people have never needed music more now than they have ever needed it.

Q; How did music influence you growing up? Is there a particular memory you have?

A: In my childhood, my grandmother kept me every day for my parents to work. My mother had a younger brother, and he was like a senior in high school, and he had a band and every day after school they would come to my grandmother's house to rehearse. I remember that I would just sit in awe and listen and listen. They were doing a lot of Elvis and rock ‘n' roll, and it's the time I remember it really had a real bearing and influence on me, and I've taken it with me my whole life.

Q: When you're on the road, do you prefer fast-food or a sit-down meal?

A: Well, I prefer a sit-down restaurant, but most of the time if you're on the road you don't have time for that. Lots of times you have to get whatever you can get when you can get it and get it fast, because you know that might be the last time you have to eat until midnight or the next day. Most of the time you're rushed.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: Right now I'm in the middle of a period where I'll be writing songs for the next couple of weeks and pitching songs to artists. I'm just coming off of a blues cruise where I was on a cruise in the Caribbean all last week with 129 musicians and 2,000 fans. So I've been playing and performing and pitching songs to artists. I'll still be performing, but I'll be in Nashville (Tenn.) and Chattanooga (Tenn.) writing. I write for a lot of blues artists. In fact, I've had a lot of songs on albums that have been nominated for Grammys.