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A hookah of a good time
A Mediterranean tradition comes to Hall County
Rebar Amedi puffs on a hookah at Divana Mediterranean Grill in Oakwood.

How does a hookah work?

1. Fill the hookah with water
2. Put tobacco in the hookah’s bowl, located at the top of the pipe
3. Put a piece of aluminum foil over the top of the tobacco and poke a few holes into it.
4. Put some charcoal on top of the aluminum foil, heating it up until it’s red hot.
5. Each person gets their own mouthpiece, and the smoking begins.


Divana Mediterranean Grill

What: Hookah nights
When: 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday
Where: 3446 Winder Highway, Oakwood
More info: 770-539-9993

There’s something different on the menu at the new Mediterranean restaurant in Oakwood, and it’s more than the homemade baba ghanoush, tabouli or falafel.

It’s the hookah.

It’s also a tradition, said Divana Mediterranean Grill owner Puaun Amedi, that is fun and relaxing, too.

Smoking from a hookah has been happening for centuries, he said. It’s a water pipe that uses a mixture of fruit-flavored molasses and a small amount of tobacco, giving smokers a flavor.

To this day, hookahs are a part of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culture, according to the restaurant’s Web site.

Amedi said he also thought the hookas would add another dynamic to the eatery.

But because it’s tobacco, don’t even think about it if you’re younger than 18.

“This is tobacco so you have to be at least 18 years old ... and we do check IDs for everyone that comes in to order hookah,” Amedi said.

“To light the hookah, the charcoal automatically lights itself and is placed on top of aluminum foil,” said Amedi, who is a native of the Middle East but has lived in Oakwood for 13 years.

Once the charcoal is hot and sits on top of the aluminum foil, which covers the tobacco, the tobacco is ready to smoke.

“Usually I heat up the charcoal on the grill and it heats up real fast. It has to be all red (to smoke),” he said.

Anyone age 18 and older can enjoy the hookah from Thursday to Saturday nights. Because there is no smoking inside the restaurant, tables are placed out on the sidewalk.

Hookah flavors include peach, grape, apple, watermelon, double apple and apricot. Each flavor serving for the hookah is $10 and a refill is $5. There is a maximum of two people per hookah

“It’s just a thing you would do when you’re hanging out,” said Rebar Amedi, Puaun’s cousin who also works at the restaurant.