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Use this tip before you sip someone else's water
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If you're ever eating out in a fancy restaurant and you can't figure out which bread plate and water glass is yours, remember this: BMW. No, I'm not referring to the car. I'm talking about bread, meat, water. Just as the letters are arranged, bread is on the left, meat is in the middle and your water glass is on the right. I was eating in a fancy restaurant a couple of weeks ago and one of the people at my table couldn't figure out which water glass was hers. My BMW tip impressed her - seriously.

When you cut onions, it's the released fumes that cause you to cry. The best protection from tearing up is to use goggles. In fact, you can actually buy "onion goggles" online for around $20. If you want to save the $20 you can make your own; just get an old pair of workshop goggles and cover the side air holes with duct tape. You may look goofy, but they work.

Tim Thompson lives in Gainesville. E-mail Tim your ideas for tips, tools or tricks.

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