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Thompson: GPS is good for more than just directions
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Editor's note: Like most things these days, our intrepid tips columnist Tim Thompson is trying to do more with less. Unfortunately, that means he has less time to test and write about tips. Rather than stop the column entirely, he's scaling back his tips to just one or two a week.

I love my GPS and wouldn't consider traveling anywhere without it. With further advancements in GPS technology, there are now a number of really cool GPS gadgets for specific activities.

For example, Garmin has the GPS wristwatch for runners. This cool little device actually tracks your route, how far you went and what your pace was. If you're running a road race, the device can even tell you how far you've gone and how many miles are left. Garmin has several versions of this watch, but the 305 model is the most popular. It typically costs less than $200 and you can find it online or at most electronics stores.

Garmin also has a GPS for golfers. It's called the Approach G5. This waterproof, hand-held device can tell you exactly how far your shot was and how far to the hazards and greens. The device has thousands of courses on it and Garmin is constantly adding more. The device runs around $500 and you can also find it online and at some electronics stores.

Tim Thompson lives in Gainesville. E-mail Tim your ideas for tips, tools or tricks.