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The Magicians lacks any magic
Since my favorite books mostly fall into the fantasy adventure category, I tend to scrutinize novels of this genre a little more acutely than others.Right now, the "real-world-crossing-over-with-the-magic-world" variety of fantasy is popular in young adult fiction, and Lev Grossman’s novel, "The Magicians," is of this breed, only intended for a mature audience. This is definitely not a novel for young readers, as it centers on the journey of college kids (who are oftentimes very vulgar, and very hormonally charged) who attend a secret school of magic hidden from the public eye.The protagonist is a boy named Quentin Coldwater, who from childhood has been obsessed with a series of children’s books about a Narnia-esque land called Fillory. Since real life pales in comparison to the whimsical stories he loves so much, Quentin jumps at the chance when he is invited to attend Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy, since he has an innate ability to perform magic.