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Personalize your shorts with paint, studs for summer
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As you begin to break out your summer clothes from the depths of your closet, hold off on packing away those blue jeans and throwing away those old worn out shorts.

You can reuse old denim by turning them into cutoffs for the summertime or giving them a little extra TLC. So roll up your sleeves, grab the scissors, fabric paint, extra fabric and get ready to put them to use — and save yourself some money in the process.

Here are a few ways to customize your shorts this summer:

Add details

Grab a hot glue gun, pick up some metal studs at your local craft store and get to work. Evenly space the studs across the back pocket or the front peep pocket or both.

For a summery vibe, take a cheese grater and fray the edges of the denim.

Color, color, color

For this you will need bleach, fabric dye and a tub.

Mix the tub with equal parts bleach and water. Drop your denim in and let it sit for an hour. Do not let your shorts sit for longer than one hour as the bleach will begin to eat the fabric and make it very weak.

Ring out your shorts and put them through a wash/dry cycle to prep them for coloring.

Mix two-thirds water with one-third dye and let shorts sit in dye for another hour.

Wash/dry once again and voila! A pop of color to any outfit.

American flag shorts

So, being patriotic is cool any time of the year. And this American flag denim short DIY will make you super cool.

You’ll need painters tape, fabric paint (red and white), a star stencil, paint brush and foam brush.

Using the painters tape, create stripes on the right side of the shorts. Paint between strips of tape red.

Once dry, peel off the tape and paint the bare strips white.

On the left side of the shorts, use your star stencil (either bought or handmade) by placing it where you want the stars to go. Paint the stencil white with your foam brush.

Let them dry according to the time on the fabric paint bottle.

You’ll be wearing some grand ol’ flag shorts in no time.

Chelsea Tench is a columnist for the national fashion and women’s empowerment magazine DISfunkshion. She is a part-time columnist for the Times and can be reached at

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