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Off the Shelves: Name of the Wind is long-winded and short of satisfaction
The first book in Rothfuss’ “The Kingkiller Chronicle” and also his debut novel, “The Name of the Wind,” sets the stage for the life-epic of the enigmatic Kvothe, who at the start of the novel is an innkeeper living a secluded life in a quiet town. A man known as Chronicler arrives at his inn, having heard rumors that Kvothe is, in fact, the legendary arcanist (or magic-user) who has performed great deeds. Chronicler wants to record the story of Kvothe’s life, since recording stories is what Chronicler does, apparently.Kvothe agrees, and thus begins the tale of his youth: his days traveling in his family’s caravan of performance artists; the night his family was slaughtered by the demonic Chandrian, and his years being penniless on the city streets.