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Column: A century of Rotary brings the charter descendants into the spotlight
Johnny Vardeman
The Gainesville News reported Nov. 15, 1922, that a Rotary Club was being formed in Gainesville. It listed the charter members and their occupations: J.H. Hosch, dry goods; J.C. Pruitt, banker; G.E. Pilgrim, furniture; J.R. Simpson, specialist; J.B. Rudolph, doctor; J.H. Downey, doctor; S.O. Smith, insurance; W.C. Ham, insurance; W.G, Mealor, foundry; D.W. Anderson, textiles; H.J. Pearce, girls’ school; Sandy Beaver, boys’ school; John A. Pierce, architect; E.B. Dunlap, lawyer; L.E. Wisdom, auto dealer; G.C. Reed, telephone manager; J.H. Washington, lumber; C.B. Romberg, ice business; J.A. Rudolph, banker; and J.F. Blodgett, accountant.