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Eyes of the Father: Removing sin is like pulling out splinters
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Cole came to me with his hand out. Usually this means he wants money, but this time he wanted me to take something from him, rather than give something to him.

In his palm, just under the skin, I could see a small brownish-black something.

“Daddy, I have a splinter. Can you get it out?” Cole asked.

Always up for an opportunity to perfect my “surgery” skills, I got a needle and some rubbing alcohol. After sterilizing the needle, I slowly and carefully inserted it just under the first few layers of skin. I pulled upward, breaking the skin and opening the area around the splinter.

As you can imagine, Cole was not happy at this prospect. When I neared him with the needle, he shrank away from me. When I inserted the needle in his skin, he sucked air through his teeth and tensed every muscle in his body. When I pulled upward, breaking the skin, he cried out in fear and pain.

Remember, at this point I haven’t even touched the splinter yet. The rest of the procedure was a back-and-forth between digging for the splinter and calming Cole down. At long last, I removed the splinter from his palm.

It’s amazing something as small as a splinter can cause so much pain, but it can.

I remember last summer I had to wait until Cole went to bed before sneaking into his room under cover of darkness with a small flashlight clenched between my teeth to extract a splinter from the bottom of his foot as he slept. Doing it while he was asleep was the only way to get it out without him fighting me.

We sometimes fight those who are trying to help us, don’t we? Sometimes we fight our heavenly father when he wants to remove sin from our lives. The sin is inside us. He wants to expose it and remove it, but we don’t want to let him get close enough to do so.

We fight him. We argue with him. We tell him to leave us alone.

He won’t, though. He won’t leave us alone because he loves us. He will continue to pursue us until we surrender our wills and our sins to him.

Are you fighting God? Surrender yourself to him. It may hurt at first, but just like removing a splinter, there is relief after it’s gone.

You will find relief after you have given to God the burden of your sins (Matthew 11:28-30).

The Rev. Parrish Myers is a local minister living in Braselton. His column appears biweekly in Sunday Life and on

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