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Eyes of the Father: Pray, even for the little silly things
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We have a pretty steep hill in our backyard.

One day I got some sheets of paper, folded them into airplanes and flew them off the top of the hill with Chloe and Cole. A breeze was blowing, and it carried the planes a long way. Chloe and Cole loved it.

The next day I went by the toy store and bought some Styrofoam rockets. If they liked paper airplanes, I figured they would love rockets.

Chloe and Cole took them outside, and within 10 minutes, Cole had shot his onto the roof. It rolled down the roof’s slope and into the gutter. Cole was distraught, thinking his rocket was gone forever.

I told him I’d get a ladder and get it down, but I’d have to do it later because I needed to go to the store before it closed.

“I have an idea!” he said. “We can pray and ask God to make it rain so it will wash it out of the gutter!”

Immediately, Chloe led us in prayer. She asked God to make it rain, “but only a few drops, just enough to wash the rocket down.”

A few days later, Cole came running into the house, holding the Styrofoam rocket.

“Daddy! Daddy! It was in the drain! God made it rain and washed the rocket down! Just like we prayed!”

Sure enough, it had rained a day or two before.

Am I saying God made it rain just because Chloe, Cole and I asked him to? The rational — adult side of me would say no — it was bound to rain sometime.

Yet another thought occurred to me.

In Matthew 21:22 Jesus said, “All things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

Chloe and Cole had asked God to make it rain and believed he would.

This verse doesn’t mean God will give us every little thing we ask for. Sometimes our prayers are selfish, or are not in God’s will. Sometimes God answers our prayers, but his answer is “no.”

But is it possible God made it rain in answer to the sincere prayers of two little children, thereby strengthening their faith and understanding that they can pray to God for even the smallest things, and he will answer their prayers?

I believe the answer to that is a resounding “yes.”

Are you holding back prayers for something because you think it’s “silly” or “too small” for God to care about? Pray anyway. Pray believing. You may be surprised at what God will do for you if you just ask him.

The Rev. Parrish Myers is a local minister living in Braselton. His column appears biweekly in Sunday Life and on