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Our thoughts: Planning the perfect homecoming
Halter top and high necklines are popular with homecoming dresses this year. - photo by KAYLA CANADA

For all Hall County high schools, this year’s homecoming season is rapidly approaching — for most, even faster than usual.

“A lot of schools that usually have their homecomings in October pushed them up to September,” said Tracy Hurd owner of Girli Girl Boutique in Buford.

For boys, this means picking up a tie, asking the perfect girl and buying two tickets. But for girls, this means even less time to find the perfect dress, shoes, jewelry and hairstyle. With all the stress homecoming can bring, it’s time to learn how to “homecoming.”

Creativity is the most crucial part of asking someone to homecoming.

It’s important to keep your “homecoming proposal” personal. Tie your date’s likes and interests into asking. Boys, if the girl that you’re asking loves playing tennis, eating at Moe’s or Disney movies, try to incorporate those things into the way you ask.

Don’t just simply ask if she’ll go with you. Give her an invite she’ll remember.

Glitz and glam never go out of style, but new trends are emerging this fall. Whether shopping at Girli Girl or Dillard’s, running into new trends is inevitable.

“A lot of dresses are kind of see-through with lacy patterns, and this year there are a lot of two-piece dresses,” said Courtney Barnes, a senior on North Hall’s homecoming court. “I don’t really like anything poofy, so I might get something more fitting, probably nothing strapless.”

The most evident trend appearing is the rise in popularity of two-piece dresses, revealing midriff. Sherri Hill’s 2015 fall collection included over 30 two-piece dresses.

“As far as popularity goes, this year almost everyone who comes in wants a two-piece dress if their school allows it,” said Hurd. Two-piece dresses come in every style: long and elegant, short and sassy, big and poofy, or slim and tight.

Ladies also plan on showing some skin this year by wearing dresses that use some illusion fabric, the slightly tinted see-through material. Many of these dresses are bodycon, a fabric made of a lycra and polyester blend that hugs the body.

In addition, strapless dresses appear to be taking a backseat to halter top and high necklines, both straps and strings. A large percentage of these halter-top-type dresses use illusion fabric across part of the chest. Another key factor in finding a dress is the color.

“Blues and blacks are very popular this year — any shade of blue, really,” said Hurd.

Another important aspect of homecoming is the hair. Up or down? Straight or curled? These are the questions that haunt girls late at night pre-homecoming.

The type of dress you choose to wear will impact the final decision. Strapless and V-neck dresses look good with hair down or half-up, but halter-top or dresses with high necklines look best with some sort of up-do, often including braids and curls.

If you’re getting your hair done at a salon, make sure to schedule your appointment plenty in advance because almost half your school will be getting their hair done, too.

Also, allow sometime after the appointment in case worst comes to worst and you have to redo the hair that’s in a style that didn’t turn out exactly how you thought it would.

A lot goes into the “perfect homecoming,” but don’t overthink it.

Truth is, it’ll be fun with or without the perfect dress or the nicest tie.

It’s all about the people you share that time with, so focus on that and everything else will fall into place.

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