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Honor your departed pet with dignity, respect
Think about these tips as you look for a pet crematorium
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It's always difficult to say goodbye to a beloved animal. For many, pets are family members.

Pet cremation is a good way to commemorate and pay respects to a pet who has departed.

Pet cremation costs less than burial with a casket. And you will be able save your pet’s remains in a memorial urn or scatter a portion of the ashes in a significant place on your property, such as your pet’s yard. And, should you ever relocate, you can take your pet’s remains with you to your new home.

Local veterinarians are a good source for finding nearby pet crematoriums. They can recommend one for pets of any size, from cats and dogs to birds and horses. The cremation process for pets is the same as for humans.

Your pet has given you a lifetime of devotion as a loyal family member.

Think about these tips as you look for a pet crematorium.



The right pet crematorium will approach the process with dignity and respect. The ideal centers will treat your departed pet with honor. The staff should have a love of animals. When you speak with them, they should demonstrate concern for you and your pet's remains.

Staff members should empathize with you, as well as understand the intensity of the grieving process.

Decide if you want the cremated remains -- cremains -- returned to you. In that case, you should ask for an individual cremation.

In communal or mass cremations, the cremains are not returned.

Some centers will allow families to spend time with their pet prior to the cremation service. You may even be allowed to be present at the time of cremation, if you so choose. Talk to the cremation center about their policies for family members.



Ask how your pet's body will be handled.

The best pet cremation services are flexible about the process. They should be willing to pick up your pet wherever you choose -- typically the veterinarian's office or at your home. You might drop the pet off for cremation.

Most services will offer you a choice of urns or other containers to memorialize your pet.

Some centers offer urns that can be customized with photographs, engravings and other design details that have special meaning for you.



The process of grieving about the loss of your pet may take some time.

Remember the memories you shared and the smiles that come from the pure love of your pet will help heal your pain.

Consider placing a pet memorial in your local newspaper, and putting a special picture of your pet near the urn on your mantle or shelf. Perhaps you can check with the cremation service to find out about customized products they offer to help memorialize your departed pet.

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