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Fountain's Four Favorite Sushi Spots
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 This month, David wanted to highlight some of our community’s best Sushi restaurants in hopes to provide you, our readers, with a new favorite spot while also helping these restaurants regain some of the business they may have lost during the pandemic. 

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From Maki, to Nigiri, to Sashimi, David is on the hunt to discover it all. This Japanese cuisine has a wide variety of preparation and presentation methods that are sure to excite your taste buds.


Blue Fin Hibachi & Sushi provides exactly what David envisions when he thinks of a traditional, quality, sit down sushi restaurant. This location seems to be a local favorite in Gainesville, and it is apparent why. 

blue fin

The service was extremely friendly and inviting, and the sushi rolls were just as enticing. David ordered the Spicy Tuna Poke to begin his meal and was immediately impressed with the freshness of the tuna. There is not much sauce in this dish, but it is still perfect for those who enjoy the fresh flavors. After his appetizer, David enjoyed the Lakeview Roll, and the Lanier Roll. The Lakeview Roll is spicy tuna and spicy salmon topped with avocado and red snapper. This dish also let the freshness shine. David is a huge fan of sauce, so his personal favorite was the Lanier Roll. This roll is salmon, yellowtail and asparagus topped with seared tuna, masago and crunch with the chef ’s special sauce. This roll had a very exciting presentation and provided a lot of dynamic flavors and textures that left David’s taste buds incredibly happy. Blue Fin Hibachi & Sushi continues to impress its loyal locals with their fresh fish and friendly service.



 Exceptional sushi, service, and atmosphere are what you can expect from Zen Ramen and Sushi Burrito. When walking into this location, you are invited in by the fun decorations and music. 

zen ramen sushi burrito

David was promptly seated and given their unique menu. As implied by the name, this restaurant puts a modern twist on sushi, and has brought Sushi Burritos to Gainesville. David ordered the O.M.G Sushi Burrito, which was sushi rice, shrimp, scallop, lettuce, spicy tuna, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayo. During David’s sushi journey, it was unique and exciting to try something other than a traditional sushi roll. He was certainly not disappointed and was surprised with how well the flavors and textures of traditional sushi meshed with the proportions of a burrito. However, if you are a dedicated fan of normal sized sushi, David also highly recommends the Rock and Roll. This roll is spicy tuna, crab salad, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried and topped with spicy mayo and sriracha. The Rock and Roll provides a lot of flavors and textures that pair very nicely together. Overall, Zen Ramen and Sushi Burrito is the perfect place to go if you are looking to switch up your normal sushi routine and try something different

WASABI Winder Highway

Wasabi prides themselves on their modern interpretations of classic dishes, and their insistence to only use high quality, fresh ingredients. 

David ordered the Red Dragon Roll and the Mamahoho (Tuna) Papahoho (Salmon) Roll, excited to experience the freshness that Wasabi promises. He was pleasantly surprised by both rolls, and the Red Dragon Roll clearly exemplified their emphasis on freshness. This spicy tuna roll, topped with tuna, avocado, and spicy sauce, really let the fresh flavors of the fresh tuna shine. The Mamahoho Papahoho Roll was David’s favorite and included spicy tuna and salmon, topped with shrimp, crab meat, crunch, mayo, and fish eggs. This is the perfect roll for those who like a little more excitement and a broad flavor dynamic. Not only were the flavors and freshness apparent, but the service was very inviting and friendly. This sushi spot offers indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for your social distancing preferences. David opted to sit outside, and said it was a wonderful spot to enjoy his lunch.

MR. TERIYAKI JAPANESE STEAK HOUSE Jesse Jewell Pkwy/Dawsonvilly Hwy 

This location provides a casual and laid-back feel compared to traditional sushi restaurants. Upon arrival, they provide a colorful menu loaded with many unique sushi rolls. 

mr teriyake

David started his meal with the Sun Power Roll and really enjoyed the freshness of the fish. It was the perfect light roll to start his meal, and left David excited to try more. David then ordered the Mr. T roll, and was exceptionally pleased. This roll is made of spicy tuna and salmon, topped with avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo, and masago. Being a huge fan of sauce and spicy tuna, David found this dish very enjoyable. Stocked with a full bar, Mr. Teriyaki creates a fun and relaxed environment to chill out and enjoy some tasty sushi. If you need quick, yet quality sushi, Mr. Teriyaki Japanese Steak House is for you.


FUMI Duluth, Duwoody, Dacula

The inside of this establishment is beautifully laid out and provides an upscale feel. They offer a large menu full of Sushi and Hibachi varieties. 


David opted for the Roll for Two Love Boat, which gave him 6 different rolls to enjoy. This Love Boat included a Spicy Yellowtail Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll Crazy Roll, Godzilla Roll, Fumi Dynamite Roll, and a California Roll. All the rolls were very tasty, but David’s Favorite was the Godzilla Roll, which is spicy tuna and scallion, deep fried with a special sauce. The Love Boat options give parties an exciting vessel to view and eat the many sushi rolls that FUMI offers. All the sushi was extremely fresh and created a very enjoyable tasting experience. If you are looking for a unique and exciting sushi adventure, or the perfect location for a special event or occasion, FUMI is the place to be.

MF Sushi Avalon/Alpharetta and Inman Park/Atlanta 

This sushi restaurant is certainly one location to go out of the way for. As you enter MF Bar, there is a casual yet luxurious feel. 

mf sushi

They offer indoor and outdoor seating with modern, updated décor, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment. David and Jennifer began their meal with the Baked Lobster, which MF Sushi is known for. Topped with Japanese mayo, eel sauce, tobiko and scallion, this appetizer certainly did not disappoint. They also ordered the Spicy Tuna Roll, which definitely satisfied Jennifer’s sushi needs. If you are looking for an upscale night out with quality sushi and a full bar, MF Bar is the perfect sushi destination for you.

KITANI SUSHI Peachtree Pkwy/Sharon Rd

 When first walking in the door of Kitani, David Fountain and fellow Foodie, Jennifer Asher, were promptly greeted by the owners, Lie and Ating. 


Operating Kitani Sushi since 2008, this pair makes a wonderful team. Lie is behind the bar preparing sushi with precision, while Ating is there to greet you with enthusiasm. Ating immediately asked for David and Jennifer’s names and continued to refer to them throughout the evening, creating a personable experience. When placing their order, David and Jennifer did not regret starting with the Tuna Ahi Poki, which was prepared beautifully with fresh and tender Hawaiian marinated tuna and spicy sesame oil. Their next choice on the menu was a featured item, the Double Spicy Tuna Roll. Jennifer said that this is the best spicy tuna roll she has had the pleasure of eating. The presentation was not only picture perfect, but the taste was exquisite. Saving the best for last, David highly recommends the Spicy Dragon Roll. It consists of Shrimp Tempura, and a cucumber top with spicy tuna. Look closely and you will notice the roll is creatively shaped like a dragon-what a unique touch! Overall, this hidden gem is now Jennifer’s all-time favorite sushi. The entire experience is what keeps the regulars coming back for more. 

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