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Your Views: Obamas problems in Iraq started with Bushs policies
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It’s hard not to feel a bit of sympathy for President Barack Obama. A lot of us predicted that whoever was elected to office after President George W. Bush would inherit a catastrophe on a domestic and international level. That prediction has turned out to be tragically accurate.

As Obama prepares to send even more troops back to Iraq, it is important for us all to remember how we got in this situation in the first place. Prior to Bush’s foolish decision to invade Iraq in 2003, there was no element of al-Qaida or the Islamic State in Iraq. Unfortunately, that war opened the floodgates of Iraq to dozens of terrorist organizations that previously had no access.

Now here we stand 10 years later, stuck in a spiral of endless warfare. War has consequences and perhaps we will pause and think a little bit harder before we support another administration that is eager to march the nation into another misguided conflict.

Gabriel Shippy

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