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Your Views: Majority of scientists believe global warming is genuine
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Jim Gorman claimed, in a March 19 letter in The Times, that he has researched climate change and written articles on the subject. His conclusion: “There is not one shred of genuine scientific data that proves the theory of global warming. Nor is there consensus in the scientific community.”

Evidently, Mr. Gorman is not aware of our National Academy of Sciences which several years ago was asked to put together a panel to review the current scientific evidence regarding climate change and to evaluate our nation’s scientific research on the subject.

The academy is a private, nonprofit society of distinguished scholars. It was established by President Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago to give advice on scientific matters to the federal government when called upon. Nearly 500 of its current members have won Nobel Prizes.

The climate change panel concluded that “climate change is occurring, is caused largely by human activities, and poses significant risk for a broad range of human and natural systems.” It also recommended that “the nation needs a comprehensive and integrated climate change science enterprise, one that not only contributes to our fundamental understanding of climate change but also informs and expands America’s climate choices.”

A 500-page report from the panel is available on the National Academies Press website,, for around $50 for those who wish to see scientific data. A 12-page summary is free.

The government, its politicians, industry and our citizens need to listen to what our scientists are telling us and follow their recommendations.

John C. Hunt

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