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Your Views: Looking closer for answers to climate and evolution debates
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I think it was Joan King who recently wrote people only want support for what they believe and are not interested in facts that challenge their beliefs. As a pastor (retired) I’ve certainly found this true among professing Christians.

Jesus proved it when the religious leaders ganged up on him and sent him to the cross, via the Roman Pilate. Now the climate alarmists are at it. The records presented to us lack accuracy. At one time there were around 6,000 locations monitoring temperature. This number is now around 2,000 and most of these are in built-up areas, cities and large towns.

Certainly with pavement, rooftops and more, the temperatures are higher than rural temperatures. This only proves temperatures average higher in cities than in cow pastures.

We are treated to large ice masses breaking off the ice shelf in Antarctica thus raising ocean levels. They ignore the fact that the ice mass inland has been growing for well over a century, and the temperature inland has fallen.

There is no truth that storms are more intense today or caused by global warming. Charles Darwin’s evolution theory is a scientific curiosity in places other than England and the U.S. The skinny on this is the evolutionists cannot point to a single species that evolved from an earlier species. The evolutionists cannot explain the origin of the laws of physics, gravity or thermodynamics. Nor can they explain how life began, or how living matter became living from nonliving matter.

George C. Kaulbach

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