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Your Views: Election offers a choice between 2 clear ideologies
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The November presidential election is the most important in the nation’s history. It will be a contest between two ideologies, not two traditional political parties. At stake is whether you want to keep our free constitutional form of government or become a social welfare state.

The evidence of the past three years indicates we are headed toward a social welfare state. The president already has taken several steps in that direction, bypassing a Congress that has done little to stop him even though, in some cases, it has been unconstitutional.

Social Security, which you paid or are paying into, is now called a “government entitlement.” The president recently stated during a political rally that “people don’t start businesses; government does.” The stated objectives of Obamacare include unionizing all doctors, nurses, hospital workers and home care providers, gaining control over the health care system and locking in further votes for the social welfare agenda.

The president recently signed, without congressional approval, the “National Defense Resource Preparedness” executive order giving him unlimited authority to take whatever steps are necessary for what he determines is a national emergency. This includes seizing citizens’ fire arms, food, vehicles, boats, airplanes and forms of energy.

The DREAM Act, another executive order bypassing Congress, grants amnesty to illegal immigrants who enlist in the U.S. military service or enter college. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are to use “prosecutorial discretion” in enforcing immigration laws, which means don’t arrest illegal immigrants.

The administration used executive order, again bypassing Congress, to appoint 31 czars in charge of, among other departments, education, health care, borders, auto recovery, energy and environment. Several admittedly are Marxists or socialists. Most favor gun control.

The president recently appointed two Muslims to top national security positions. He recently installed three union officials to the five-member National Labor Relations Board as “recess” appointments while Congress remained in session, which is considered unconstitutional.

A reported 47 percent of Americans are on some form of welfare — basic welfare programs, disability or jobless benefits. The number grows daily, greater than Social Security, Medicare, education and defense. An administration website explains how easy it is to get food stamps using electronic benefit transfer or a debit card (click on WIC programs).

A reported $22 billion is spent annually on food assistance programs for illegal immigrants. The administration admittedly doesn’t know how many people are legitimately on welfare programs, including 1.5 million on disability benefits.

It’s your choice between traditional American values under the Constitution or a social welfare nation.

Hal Hartvigsen

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