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Letter: Traffic is already a headache in Braselton. Approving Reveille project would be irresponsible
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A South Hall project known as Reveille will include 122,500 square feet of retail space, 122,500 square feet of office space, 560 apartments, 75 townhomes, 25, assisted-living townhomes and a 175-room hotel. A Southern coastal craftsman type architectural theme would be used throughout the development.

My name is Patricia Ellis, and my husband and I reside in Riverbend at Mulberry Park. Our house is one block in from Ga. Highway 211.

We had our home built in 2006, and at that time the area was fairly rural and peaceful but with all the amenities close by.  Since then we now have the Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Braselton, (a wonderful facility) close by, which has brought in a good deal more traffic, and all the new businesses and eateries that have followed along Ga. Highway 211.

At the present time, there is bumper to bumper traffic that is not moving along 211 around 5 pm. every day. We cannot even get out of our subdivision unless we drive through the complex to another exit that has a traffic light.

Now that  the construction of Reveille is being considered close by, I was surprised to learn that supposedly there is a shortage of homes in Hall County. Is that in fact true?

According to an article that I read in the Times, it stated that “The agency notes that Reveille’s plans “imply” Howington Road would be extended from Ga. 211 toward Ga. 53, but ‘there is no formal indication of where that would occur.’”  Implying is one thing, but we would need a formal commitment that this would in fact happen.

Of course, if this project moves forward, extending Howington Road all the way to Ga. 53 would be an absolute necessity in order to eliminate some of the huge traffic and possible health problems. What about possible emergency situations, fire, terrorist threats, tornado, and on and on?  

I find it hard to believe that Hall County would be so irresponsible as to approve this project. No project should every be built with only one entrance/exit. This creates a possible serious hazard to people’s lives.

All things considered, I still think that if this project moves forward, the cons far outweigh the pros. Traffic is already a huge headache, especially around 5 p.m., and it would become total chaos for everyone and destroy the quality of life in our neighborhood.  

I think that it would also cause home values to decline significantly.

Patricia Ann Ellis


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