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Letter: Hatred, pride and nationalism are driving us to the brink of warfare
02012018 LETTER

For the past couple of years, if not centuries, the world has been under constant threat of terror brought on by fanaticism, pride and indifference. This is not the fault of one group, as many would like you to believe.

This is not the fault of any religious group, organization or single country. It is the fault of everyone.

We have fallen into this state because of those who call themselves heroes, who call themselves friends and saviors, and who destroy and kill those who think differently, who believe something different. 

Take, as an example, the Inquisition, and other persecutions during the Medieval period, which persecuted the Jews and Muslims, or unconverted Spaniards, Portuguese and Italians, for nothing other than indifference, pride and fanaticism. This not only goes for religion but for government, as well.

The world has reverted to a state of bloodshed, nationalism, pride, ignorance, fanaticism and triumphalism. We have reverted to a mentality of hatred and pride for centuries.

Look at yourselves, look at what’s happening in this world, and think what can be done. We must do whatever is in our power to fix this before it’s too late.

We are, inevitably, on the brink of war. And if there was anything in our power that we may have done to stop it, we should have. But it’s too late, I believe.

It is because of those who call themselves patriots, defenders of their country and of their faith, as well as governments who have murdered those who think differently, that we have descended into this chaos, because of their misguided efforts.

These patriots, these leaders, those who thought to be carrying out the will of God or thought themselves to be God, have started this a long time ago, and we are the ones who can stop this. Their pride has spread like a terrible disease, and we are the ones who have the power to stop this.

Think about this, and you will see that this is the only way to preserve peace in the world. End the indifference, the pride, the nationalism and the fanaticism. Do this, before it’s too late.

And if we have to go to war, do so for the general peace of the world, not for your own country.

Francisco Rosario


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