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Opinion: Who is the real Raphael Warnock?
Raphael Warnock
The Rev. Raphael G. Warnock, a Georgia Democrat, is running in Georgia’s special U.S. Senate election. - photo by Associated Press

I never heard of Raphael Warnock until he ran for Senate. Just who is Raphael Warnock? I basically only know him from what is in the news and on the Internet. I know he has followed the Party line in his votes in Congress and what he seems to support. He is an ordained minister who supports the murder of the unborn and the influencing of children and youth by the LGBT movement by his votes in Congress. By his vote, he supported the ruinous so-called Inflation Reduction bill that does nothing to reduce inflation but is meant to help the rich. I recently read that he reportedly misused campaign funds to pay childcare for his children. By his silence, he supports the Democrat open borders policy to allow any illegal immigrant, from anywhere in the world, who crosses the border to remain in the country. That is 2 million people so far in 2022.

The character assassination TV ads that he approves seem inappropriate for a man of the cloth.

So who is the real Raphael? Even though Warnock is an impressive speaker, I will have a hard time voting for him unless I learn something different about him.

One of my biggest fears is that if the Democrats stay in power, this country will not be worth living in 25 years from now.

John Bryan