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Opinion: Health advice should come from medical experts
03062020 CDC
The headquarters for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is shown on Friday, March 6, 2020 in Atlanta. - photo by Associated Press

A leaflet came in Friday's mail along with my electric bill from Georgia Power. My first thought when I read it was, “Isn't it nice that Georgia Power is spending its hard-earned money to send out leaflets that will educate the public about COVID-19?” 

Then I read the leaflet and the fifth item didn't seem right. It says "Wear a face mask ONLY (my emphasis) if you are sick or caring for someone who is sick."  

I followed the link to the website and found that they say, "Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face mask cover when you are around others." 

Obviously, Georgia Power should stick to generating electricity and leave health questions to the medical experts. (The same thing should be said to Donald Trump and Brian Kemp, but that is for another letter).

Howard Stacy


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