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Opinion: In case of unwanted pregnancy, men should be held responsible, too
05052022 Abortion
Protesters rally to defend the right to abortion at Centennial Olympic Park before marching to the Georgia Capitol on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, in Atlanta. - photo by Associated Press

Why is abortion a woman only issue — mostly being decided by men? Why are the absentee fathers not being held to their responsibility? Make a father pay a nine-month price while the mother is forced to carry and give birth. Pro-life also needs to consider what to do with unwanted babies. Perhaps babies shouldn’t be with parents who don’t want their lives disturbed by a baby.

Personally I am pro-life. Every woman should make that choice for herself.

There is no longer any guesswork about who the father is of any child. Dual penalties for both parents of an accidental child required to be born.

Wake up gentleman, at least 50% of the responsibility is yours.

Mel Little