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Opinion: Carbon fee and dividend plan will mitigate climate change

In a recent letter to the editor

, Mr. Zaremba questioned the wisdom of a carbon fee and dividend plan, a plan contained in HR 763 to reverse the effects of climate change. 

His conviction is clear, but his facts are not. 

He presented a bewildering analogy: that trying to control climate change is like trying to control the weather. In fact, trying to control climate change is like trying to prevent toxic waste from being dumped into our rivers. It can be done. It has been done. All that is required is the will to face facts and take action.  

The fact is that CFD has been studied by many independent evaluators — the U.S. Treasury, Columbia University and Regional Economic Modeling Inc., to name a few. They all show that the plan benefits two-thirds of our population. 

The dividend received more than makes up for the higher prices that would be paid for energy.  The REMI study shows that CFD would add about 2 million new American jobs during the first 10 years by making innovation profitable.  

Those with the top one-third of incomes would pay slightly more because of their higher energy consumption, but they could reduce their expenses by using sustainable energy, which is the goal of CFD.

Several studies show a decrease in greenhouse gasses of 50% over the first 10 years and of 90% in 30 years. CFD uses a free-market approach, putting a fair price on the burning of fossil fuels to account for their pollution, and it returns the money to all of us taxpayers.  

Then the free market takes over, and the use of clean energy quickly increases, since it will then be much less expensive than fossil fuels.

The consensus among research scientists on human-caused global warming has grown to 100%, based on 11,602 peer-reviewed articles in 2019. The very few contrarian studies either cannot be replicated or contain errors.

Greta Thunberg’s remarks at the United Nations were entirely justified. For two centuries we didn’t know what damage fossil fuels were doing, but ever since Dr. James Hansen’s testimony before the Senate in 1988, we should have known better. We should have faced the facts before Greta was born. 

We who have enjoyed the benefits of using fossil fuels must now face our responsibility to mitigate the damage. The first step is to ask Congressman Collins to support HR 763.

Jim Robison


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