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Scam targets Georgia Power customers
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A scam targeting residential and commercial Georgia Power customers in the past week in North Georgia has been reported to law enforcement, the Gainesville Police Department reported.

Scammers have called victims, advised them letters had been sent requesting they no longer send checks in the mail. The scammers then advised the victims they would need to provide a payment or their services would be disconnected. To pay the bill, the scammers requested the customers purchase a prepaid debit card and provide the caller with the card’s account number. Once the requested numbers are given, the victims are out their money, police department spokesman Cpl. Kevin Holbrook said.

Georgia Power advises it does not call its customers to speak directly and ask for payment over the phone.

Customers may receive an automated, prerecorded message asking them to contact Georgia Power to discuss their accounts.

If you believe you have fallen victim to a utility phone scam, contact the Gainesville Police Department at 770-534-5252.