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Oakwood eyeing study of potential intersection fixes
Main Street at Old Oakwood Road and Flat Creek Road in Oakwood is an area where officials want to study having a roundabout.

Potential road fixes

• Median work at Mundy Mill Road at Oakwood Road/Frontage Road

• Safety/operations fixes at Mundy Mill Road at McEver Road

• Safety/operations fixes at Mundy Mill Road at Thurmon Tanner Parkway

• Traffic signal at Mundy Mill Road at entrance to Mundy Mill subdivision

• New intersection at Mundy Mill Road and proposed University of North Georgia loop road

• Safety/operations fixes at Atlanta Highway/Ga. 13 at Mundy Mill Road

• Safety/operations fixes at Interstate 985 exit ramp at Ga. 13

• Roundabout at Main Street, Flat Creek Road and Old Oakwood Road

• Radius improvements at Main Street at McClure Drive

• Radius improvements at Allen Street at Academy Street

• Additional lanes and signal upgrade at McEver Road at Flat Creek Road

• Additional lanes and signal upgrade at McEver Road at Old Flowery Branch Road

• Turn lanes on H.F. Reed Industrial Parkway at Aloha Way

• Radius improvements at Thurmon Tanner Parkway at Chamblee Road

• Radius improvements at Thurmon Tanner Parkway at Plainview Road

• Safety improvements at Chamblee Road at railroad crossing

• New intersection at McClure Drive and Chamblee Road

• Traffic signal at Old Oakwood Road at Tumbling Creek Road

• Radius improvements at H.F. Reed at W White Road

Source: Gainesville-Hall Metropolitan Planning Organization

Oakwood is looking at the potential for intersection improvements citywide, ranging from turning radius fixes to a roundabout at the post office on Main Street.

“There’s a number of different locations we think are worth us getting a study done to where we can get some conceptual-level layouts and some cost estimates,” City Manager Stan Brown said.

A committee within the Gainesville-Hall Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Hall County area’s lead transportation planning agency, voted last week to recommend pursuing federal transportation money for such a study.

Many of the improvements would be on key arteries through the South Hall city.

“We’ve got a lot of traffic on Mundy Mill Road,” Brown said at the meeting, citing one example. “It has been identified as a high-accident corridor. ... We request your support in moving this (study) forward.”

While several of the fixes would involve signal lights and safety tweaks, some would feature new construction.

For example, the roundabout at Main Street, Flat Creek Road and Old Oakwood Road would replace a triangle of roads and access to First Baptist Church of Oakwood that’s now in place.

Also, additional lanes are being eyed on McEver Road at Flat Creek Road and Old Flowery Branch Road and on H.F. Reed Industrial Parkway at Aloha Way.

“This study will identify for us all the existing situations, (work) that is in progress and what the holes are,” Brown said.

The Technical Coordinating Committee’s recommendation will be sent to the MPO’s Policy Committee, a group of top elected officials making up the agency’s decision-making arm. The Policy Committee is set to meet May 2.

The study is estimated to cost $50,000, with $40,000 in federal money and $10,000 from the city.

Oakwood already has been busy with road improvement efforts.

It has just finished widening a stretch of Old Oakwood Road near Mundy Mill Road, where Performance Foodservice is building a new plant on 43 acres.

And the city is hoping to extend Industry Way from its cul-de-sac next to Atlanta Biologicals to a city-owned industrial park off W White Road.

The project will largely provide a connection between Thurmon Tanner Parkway and W White Road, two industry-heavy arteries in Oakwood.

Also, the city has pledged $50,000 to a planned bridge over railroad tracks that would extend Tumbling Creek Road from a dead-end to Old Oakwood Road at Millside Parkway.

The Georgia Department of Transportation, which has approved the project’s design and location, is contributing to the project, as well, along with Gainesville and Hall County.

Work recently has wrapped up on extending a turn lane at the University of North Georgia’s Gainesville campus and Mundy Mill Road — one of South Hall’s busiest intersections.

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