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Murder case tied to Lake Lanier to return to court
Man contests guilty plea, sentence for 1997 slaying; victims head dumped in lake
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A man who pleaded guilty to murder after dumping a man’s dismembered head into Lake Lanier has been granted an opportunity to argue the throwing out of his conviction, the Georgia Supreme Court decided Monday.

Michael B. Lejeune was charged originally in 1999 for the death of 39-year-old Ronnie Davis two years prior. Lejeune pleaded guilty in 2005 to shooting Davis in the head and killing the man regarding a $250 drug debt, according to the court’s opinion summary. He was sentenced to life in prison.

The 1997 case will have new arguments in Fulton County after a 2009 petition stating that Lejeune did not voluntarily enter the guilty plea was appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court.

In his petition, Lejeune argued he was not told about his right against self-incrimination if he pushed forward with a trial, according to the 4-3 opinion.

Lejeune’s girlfriend, Rekah “Kelly” Anand, testified she and Lejeune dragged Davis’ body up the stairs, where Lejeune dismembered the body. In exchange for her testimony, her murder and aggravated assault charges were dropped, according to the opinion summary.

The body parts were put in Lejeune’s car, and Lejeune later drove to a Forsyth County cemetery. Lejeune kept the head with the bullet in it and set the car on fire, according to the opinion summary.

He attempted to extract the bullet at his parents’ Lake Lanier home. When this did not work, Lejeune put the head in a bucket and poured in cement before dumping it in Lake Lanier, according to the opinion summary.

The head is still missing, according to the opinion summary.

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