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Lula residents raise concerns over chickens in residential areas
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With handfuls of calls coming in the last week, Lula City Manager Dennis Bergin spoke to one homeowner who said he was fed up with chickens in his neighborhood.

“He’s had it,” Bergin said. “He said the rooster wakes him up every dadgum morning.”

The issue, Bergin said, is the zoning of 120 lots as agricultural use, where many of them are residential.

“It’s a problem for us in enforcement,” Bergin told Lula City Council at Monday’s work session, adding the lots were never rezoned.

Bergin said after the meeting he will seek the council’s direction on they might handle the situation.

In the past two weeks, Bergin said he’s been inundated with calls regarding the issue.

“‘My chickens are pets,’ I’ve heard it all,” Bergin said of the excuses he’s seen. “‘That’s not my chicken,’ as it runs across the road.”