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Gainesville mans 2013 death yields few clues, no suspects
Family, investigators seek answers a year after slaying
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Authorities seeking tips

Anyone with information on the Dec. 21, 2013, shooting death of Rashawn Miguel Taylor on Tulip Drive is asked to call 770-503-3232.

Texts went unanswered and hundreds of phone calls went to voicemail.

That was not the Rashawn Miguel Taylor that his sister Samantha Taylor knew.

After hearing about a man shot on Tulip Drive off Floyd Road on Dec. 21, 2013, she called Shawn and friends to find out where he was. Seeing some details on Facebook — dreadlocks, glasses, braces — she estimated there were only a few people in Gainesville that matched the description. One was Shawn.

“If I can’t find him now, now I’m really jumping to conclusions and I’m getting scared,” Samantha Taylor said of her feelings at the time.

Samantha Taylor later identified the body of her 24-year-old brother and best friend.

A year later, the homicide remains unsolved, and the Taylors pray new information will come to light.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking that we don’t have any justice yet,” she said. “I’m not giving up hope on the situation.”

On that night, Lt. Scott Wiley of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office said Shawn Taylor’s body was found at the end of Tulip Drive by a passer-by. The people living at the home near where he was found weren’t home that night, Wiley said.

After a story appeared in The Times in July about the case, some people called in tips to authorities.

“The tips they gave us were people we had already interviewed, some people that had alibis for that night,” Wiley said. “No tips that we received really pointed us in a direction for a viable suspect.”

The year has been difficult for the Taylors, Samantha said, making it difficult to think about it.

“It’s just hard,” the victim’s mother, Karen Taylor, said. “It’s almost a year, and where he was killed, it’s hard to accept that they might not ever find who did this to him.”

Described as a funny, caring man, Shawn was thought to be loved by everyone, Karen Taylor said. The little things he did are what come back to her.

“I’d be in the kitchen cooking and he would just come in and pick me up,” she said. “He liked to do that, just little stuff like that.”

Karen Taylor’s own brother has been missing for more than a decade, an experience she worries will happen again with her son.

“I just have this thing in the pit of my stomach that this case with Shawn is going to go just like my brother’s case,” she said.

Karen Taylor said she last spoke to investigators in August, with an investigator coming by the house last week.

The family previously aired some of their concerns online with local law enforcement, hoping to finally get some results and closure.

“It’s one of those cases that we’ve kept at the forefront of our mind,” Wiley said. “We’ve been speaking with the family on and off.”

Karen Taylor feels someone may be out there with information who may be afraid to speak out. The family is asking any and all people who can help to step forward.

“It kills my family every day not knowing exactly what happened to him,” Samantha Taylor said.

Those with information can call the anonymous tip line at 770-503-3232 for more information. Even tiny clues are important, Wiley said.

“Even if they don’t consider it relevant, we’d certainly like to hear it and look into it, because it may very well be relevant,” he said.

Being so close to the holidays, the memory that sticks out for Samantha Taylor of her brother was driving to Miami for Thanksgiving a month before his death.

“That was the last Thanksgiving I ever got to spend with him, so I will remember it forever,” she said.

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