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Radio show broadcasts Christmas from other cultures
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When: 8 a.m. Saturdays

Where: WBCX 89.1 FM

For more information and archived shows:


"Christmas is One Language." A multi-cultural show filled with a variety of sacred and secular holiday music.

Dec. 31:

"KWANZAA!" Learn more about the holiday, which begins the day after Christmas.

A local radio show is bringing a different perspective to the holiday season.

Every Saturday at 8 a.m., "CELEBRATIONS: Arts Alive!" fills the airwaves on Brenau University’s WBCX FM89.1 with family-friendly stories and lessons.

This week’s show is built around the "Christmas is One Language" concept. As with their other broadcasts, this week’s program is about celebrating cultural diversity.

"From Asia, Africa, Native American, Latino and Anglo-European traditions — it’s a time for all faiths," said Marianne Scott, an arts education consultant and the show’s coordinator.

"(There will be) sacred and secular songs sung in many languages, played in many musical styles, from classical, to jazz, to blues, pop and folk."

All of the shows this month have had a different holiday theme. On Dec. 3, the show was filled with Christmas stories presented by members of the Northeast Georgia Writers Club. Last week’s show focused on the celebration of winter solstice.

Next week’s broadcast will focus on Kwanzaa, a family- and community-oriented holiday that begins the day after Christmas. Each day of the weeklong celebration focuses on one of seven principles: unity, self-determination, collective responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose and creativity.

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