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Frances Meadows hosts March Madness Fitness Challenge for area residents until April 1
The Frances Meadows Aquatic Center features an outdoor water park. From now until April 1, the fitness center is challenging residents to visit the facility and take a handful of classes, tour the building and bring a friend. - photo by Get Out file photo

As Georgia’s winter season reaches its end and spring begins, the Frances Meadows Aquatic Center is whipping residents back into shape this month with its March Madness Fitness Challenge.

Kicking off March 6, participants will be dared to complete seven simple fitness activities by April 1.

The fitness challenge includes completing two different land fitness classes, two different water aerobic classes and one spin class. Participants must also visit the Frances Meadows Aquatic Center and bring one new friend to the facility to utilize any amenity, take a class or tour the facility.

“We created this challenge because we wanted to give our patrons a new attitude on fitness,” said Zandrea Stephens, assistant division manager of Frances Meadows Aquatic Center. “Since the beginning of this year, we’ve been trying to give people different tools, equipment, classes and membership passports to give them a different avenue for fitness at this facility.”

Participants will receive a punch card to be initialed after completing each challenge. The card will be turned into the front desk once all seven challenges are finished. Those participants then will be entered into a grand prize drawing.

Punch cards will not be accepted after April 1. Only one punch card is allowed per person.

Small prizes will be awarded to participants throughout the challenge from sponsors such as T-Mobile, McDonald’s and the Vitamin Shoppe. The grand prize drawing will take place at 12:30 p.m. April 3.

“We wanted to give people small prizes throughout the challenge to motivate them to finish,” Stephens said. “We’ll be doing an ultimate grand prize, but that won’t be uncovered until at least the middle of the challenge.”