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Athens-based band pays tribute to Jimmy Hendrix
Gimme Hendrix to perform Feb. 28 in Clarkesville
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Gimme Hendrix

When: 9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 28

Where: Old Clarkesville Mill, 583 Grant Street, Clarkesville

Cost: $10

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Though it has been nearly 45 years since Jimi Hendrix’s death, the Jimi Hendrix experience lives on with the help of one area band.

“Gimme Hendrix” is an Athens-based group that strives to take audiences back in time, even for just the night, to the age of psychedelic rock ’n’ roll and 1960s vibes.

The group performs all over the Southeastern United States, recreating sounds of the man whom many consider to be the greatest guitarist ever.

Hendrix fans can hear the trio perform hits such as “All Along the Watchtower,” “Purple Haze,” “The Wind Cries Mary” and many other famous chart-toppers from 9-11:45 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 28, at Grant Street Music Room in Clarkesville. It will be the band’s second time playing at the venue.

Tickets are $10 at the door at 583 Grant St. For tickets or more information, call 706-754-3541 or visit

Grant Street Music Room event producer Bob Fortin said you can’t get much closer to the actual Jimi Hendrix experience than Gimme Hendrix.

The three-person band consisting of guitarist Eric Keaton, bassist Matt Garrison and drummer Brandon Hicks not only performs the songs, it also dresses and acts the parts.

Keaton recently took some time to answer a few questions about the band, its music and its greatest influence.

Question: How did the three of you form your band?

Answer: I had been playing Hendrix stuff before, we pretty much just got some guys together and started playing.

Q: What drew you to a Jimi Hendrix-style tribute band?

A: I think one of the biggest things about it is, it just kind of provided me with the biggest source of inspiration. For me, he’s just supercool, I felt like I could relate to him more on a personal level. I just really wasn’t into anything else. There’s just a certain level of relatability that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Q: How does not only singing the songs, but dressing up and recreating the ‘experience’ mannerisms add to your performances?

A: I feel like naturally I just kind of am that way. I’m not trying to be a copycat in that regard, but I feel like it definitely just adds that “glimmer,” that extra shine to our product. If I was just up there playing Jimi Hendrix songs (without the performance aspect) I doubt it would be as much fun.

Q: What are some of your favorite venues to perform?

A: The Georgia Theatre is really fun. I work there so that kind of adds another element to it. The sound quality is amazing. The Fillmore, in Charlotte, N.C., is really killer. (It has) a really killer stage, really, really nice stadium. Those are probably my favorites.

Q: Is this something you could see yourself doing for a long time to come?

A: I definitely want to keep doing this for a while. It’s just kind of endless. Being a musician, I’m kind of in it for the long haul. Hendrix stood the test of time.