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Around the Home: Ideas for summer snacks, day trips
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The end of the school year is fast approaching.

If you’re a parent, grandparent or even a great-grandparent, you may be trying to figure out how you are going to satisfy your children’s summertime appetites.

Be sure to have fresh fruit and veggies available for snacks and meals. And you can certainly find those at area farmers’ markets.

Why not take young family members to the various markets around the county? Make it a day trip or a family day and limit the use of cellphones and other electronic devices.

As you organize your trips to the markets, have a plan preparing and storing the produce you purchase. Divide tasks such as washing and cutting veggies among family members.

Discuss recipes and ideas. It will help you maximize your food dollars and avoid wasting what you’ve selected to bring home.

Take into consideration which fruits and vegetables family members like and how often you’ll prepare certain recipes.

For more information on storing and preserving food, visit the National Center for Home Food Preservation website at

During your trips to the markets, snap a few fun family pictures while you are there and make an “Our Family’s Day at the Market(s)” scrapbook or photo book.

Do you know any farmers or gardeners who participate in a farmers’ market? Why not visit them?

Ask other people in your neighborhood or place of worship to drop by, too. You can easily spread the word through social media. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Plus, your family can even create a photo book or scrapbook for the farmer or gardener.

Wouldn’t you agree that gardening and farming require dedication and hard work? So, this is a great way to show your family’s appreciation.

Speaking of appreciation, don’t forget National Teacher Appreciation Week and National Nurses Week are in early May.

There’s plenty of time to put together a collection of your treasured recipes for your favorite teachers or nurses. A class recipe book from the students and their parents also is a great gift option.

Sandra Stringer is a nutrition educator with the UGA Extension office in Hall County. Call her at 770-535-8290. Her column appears biweekly on Wednesdays and on

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